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Transparent Ingredients




NO talcum
NO gluten
NO paraben
NO nonoxynol-9
NO benzocaine
NO casein

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Ingredients are not mandatory on condoms packaging as they are classified as medical devices. At Green Condom Club, we believe in transparency. So you’re probably curious as to what makes up our condoms. Here is our ingredients list according to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI), ranked in descending order, as well as some details pertaining to their use and function in our products.

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+ Rubber latex (64%)

Latex is the sap from the hevea tree (also called rubber tree). After harvest, the material is sticky, deforms easily when warm and is brittle when cold. To make it thin, flexible, and resistant, the latex is vulcanized during condom production and several additives are mixed in to improve and speed up the process.

+ Dimethicone (22%)

This type of silicon oil is used to lubricate the condom. It is physically, chemically and biologically stable. Additionally, it does not require preservatives to prevent bacterial growth.

+ Hydrated silica (4%)

After the condoms have been produced, they are removed from the condom shaped rods and put in a tumbling machine where they are coated with hydrated silica to prevent the rubber from sticking to itself.

+ BHT (2%)

This antioxidant is used to control free radicals in the rubber to prevent oxidative degeneration, which can cause a loss of strength and flexibility to the material.

+ Zinc ethylphenyl dithiocarbamate (1%)

This compound is used as an accelerator during the vulcanization process.

+ Sulfur (1%)

The vulcanization process adds sulfur chains between the latex polymer strands, giving the material the ability to revert back to its original shape,if deformed, for increased elasticity.

+ Zinc oxide (1%)

This inorganic compound is used as an accelerator during the vulcanization process.

+ Sodium polynaphthalene sulfonate (1%)

The dispersing agent is added to the mix to increase the stability of the latex solution.

+ Potassium hydroxide (1%)

Removing the latex protein after dipping the condom shaped glass rods into the solution is done by this inorganic compound.

+ Ceteth-12 (1%)

In order to guarantee a perfectly mixed latex solution, this solubilizer and emulsifying agent is added.

+ Lauric acid (1%)

This fatty acid is found in coconut milk & coconut oil and used as a surfactant to reduce surface tension.

+ Laurtrimonium chloride (1%)

Condoms are manufactured in a controlled area and manipulated with the appropriate protection equipment. To make sure there is no bacterial and fungus growth on the device, this compound is added as a preservative.



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3 Green Condoms (53mm/180mm)
10 Green Condoms (53mm/180mm)
100 Green Condoms (53mm/180mm)


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No animal ingredients or tests and cruelty free

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We are compliant with EU and ISO standards

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Hypoallergenic condoms that don’t smell



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"Very good, as expected it felt more natural, no bad smell, no bad feeling on the skin, definitely better than regular condoms."

B. United Kingdom

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"feels good... smells good... tastes good... "  

R. Singapore

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"People may think condoms without parabens or animal components could not be as good as "traditional" condoms: but they are."

F. New Zealand

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 "The ladies love them and they don’t smell! Been using them for several months now, very satisfied. "  

K. Canada

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