Green condoms are a transparent, vegan, sustainable and healthy alternative to condoms provided by the regular brands. They do not contain any harmful chemicals and clearly list the ingredients used for manufacturing. They are produced and tested according to the strictest CE and ISO norms to be safe and reliable. Every water- or silicone oil-based condom friendly lubricant can be used.



Rubber Latex, Dimethicone, Hydrated Silica, BHT, Zinc Ethylphenyl Dithiocarbamate, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Sodium Polynaphthalene Sulfonate, Potassium Hydroxide, Ceteth-12, Lauric Acid, Laurtrimonium Chloride.

Want to know what each ingredient is used for? Read this.


  • No gluten

  • No parabens (potentially carcinogenic)

  • No nonoxynol-9 (spermicide)

  • No benzocaine (local anesthetic)

  • No glycerin (animal product)

  • No aroma


  • Average size of 53mm wide and 180mm long (similar to regular brands)

  • Thickness is only 0.065mm

  • No plastic-like smell or taste

  • Softer without irritations for enhanced pleasure for both partners


  • Packaging is rectangular and thin to reduce carbon related shipping emissions

  • Recycled cardboard is used as box packaging

  • Made in a world-class CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facility in China

  • The plant is also certified to produce condoms for the World Health Organization

  • Vegan - no casein (V-label European Certification Vegan CH-P224001)


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